Cabin Fever Pickin' Party started as a weekend get-away to pick with a few friends. The word spread around the local bluegrass community and 200 showed up and the yearly event as we know today as Cabin Fever was born.

The main attraction has always been the jam sessions. Additions have been added to the weekend to meet the needs of all the Bluegrass fans that attend, including the larger facility to house Cabin Fever.

Along with the 24-hour jam sessions that attract some very talented pickers to the workshops that include all six bluegrass instruments plus vocal workshops and vendors.

Cabin Fever also provides the opportunity for a number of bands to showcase their talents for the fans and promoters during the weekend on stage with a full 45-minute set from each band.

Not meant to be a festival - this indoor wintertime Get-Away has and will always be a pickin' party that meets the needs of all who want a weekend of bluegrass music.

Come and experience a unique event that has been endorsed by musicians, promoters, vendors, and fans as the premier bluegrass event in Virginia.

~ Earl & Cathy Banton ~
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