Welcome to the Tribute Website to the 50th Anniversary of the Country Gentlemen. This website is dedicated to the past and present members of the Country Gentlemen and to their band leader for nearly 50 years, Charlie Waller before his passing in 2004. We anticipate this site to be a special place for Country Gentlemen fans and friends, both old and new, to come and share in the tribute to the well over 100 members of the Country Gentlemen and to the great music and good times that the Country Gentlemen have given to the fans and lovers of bluegrass music for the past half century.

Charlie Waller's website has been on the Internet since Nov. 15, 1999 by the dedication and hard work of the Waller's dear friends, Betty & Hank Richards. Special thanks to them both for creating and maintaining the website for all these years, and also to Sam and Marlene Casey for maintaining the Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen Fan Club. Their time and devotion is much appreciated by the family and friends of Charlie Waller.

New additions to the 50th Anniversary Website are a Guestbook and a Fan's Photo page where the friends and fans of the Country Gentlemen can share memories and/or send in their photos and souvenirs of the Country Gents by email and have them posted on the Fan's Photos page.

We hope you will put this site in your list of favorite websites and come back often to help pay tribute to one of the most notable bands in bluegrass history.

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Latest Country Gentlemen News:

2007 is already looking to be another great year for the Country Gentlemen. Randy Waller and the Country Gentlemen have been nomitated for (3) SPBGMA Awards and (10) WAMU (Wammy) Awards in 2007. Here are the nominations:

33rd Annual SPBGMA BLUEGRASS MUSIC AWARDS and 24th NATIONAL CONVENTION - FEBRUARY 1 - 4, 2007 - Sheraton Music City Hotel - Nashville, TN

Randy Waller - Guitar Performer of the Year
Randy Waller - Male Vocalist of the Year (Contemporary)
Randy Waller - Entertainer of the Year


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21st Annual Wammies Awards - FEBRUARY 18, 2007
The State Theatre - Falls Church, VA

Bluegrass Category
Randy Waller - Bluegrass Vocalist of theYear
The Country Gentlemen - Bluegrass Group of the Year
Mark Delaney - Bluegrass Intrumentalist of the Year
"Keeper of the Flame" - Bluegrass Recording of the Year

Over-all Category
Randy Waller - Artist of the Year
"Keeper of the Flame" - Debut Recording of the Year
Randy Waller - Musician of the Year
"Keeper of the Flame" - Album of the Year

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Congratulations to former Country Gentlemen Jimmy Gaudreau for nomination for Album of the Year with latest recording "In Good Company" on which Randy Waller appears.

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Congratulations to Bill Wolf, nominated for Engineer of the Year - Engineered the mastering of "Keeper of the Flame", the latest recording by Randy Waller & the Country Gentlemen.

Visit the WAMU Website

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Be sure to check out the schedule of Randy Waller and the Country Gentlemen for showdates and appearances of The Country Gentlemen, Randy Waller, and the Country Gentlemen Reunion Band (Waller, Gaudreau, Gray, and Adcock) and help continue the legacy of the music and great fans of the Country Gentlemen.

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