~ Janet McGarry ~


For over sixteen years Janet McGarry has continued to be a dominant presence in bluegrass music, both at home and abroad. She has shared stages with some of the most revered performers of this genre, and of her time. With twelve albums to her credit, each have earned her awards, accolades, and much deserved respect from the music industry. Among her most significant career accolades, Janet is a "Daughter of Bluegrass", which is a leading group of female bluegrass artists. Janet appears as a leading artist on the cd "Bluegrass Bouquet", the group's third collaboration on Blue Circle Records. Janet also appears on the Box Set of the "Daughters of Bluegrass" project called "Pickin' Like a Girl", and she also appeared on the compilation cd "Bluegrass Bands / Helping Hands © 2009". Janet is also a five-time "Female Vocalist of the Year" at the Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Awards, the industry's highest accolade in Eastern Canada.

Coming from a musical family, her father, Peter, and brother, Raymond involved her in the local music scene as soon as they discovered her love of performing to audiences. Performing before live audiences in little country halls during those early years provided Janet with a strong passion to sing. These were the building blocks that led her to share her love of music and simply sing what was in her heart.

Encouraged by fans and friends she met along the way, she recorded her first cd in the year 2000, which was a collection of bluegrass songs from her idols, and new material penned by local songwriters. That same year, she met her long-time idol, Hazel Dickens, at IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association), in Louisville, KY. Janet found a treasured friend and mentor in Hazel. In her lyrics, Janet found words to live by and she would be compelled to include one of Hazel's songs in each of her recordings.

Winding forward through the years, Janet forged wonderful friendships with her peers in the industry across the miles. Her dearest ones, by far, are her fans. Janet remembers every sign of affection, stories shared, tears shed, and carries each and everyone of her fans in her heart. It is what is heard in her voice; an understanding, a remembering. Her voice is centred and rooted in her heart, which is perhaps why she is so often recognized for having an honest and crystal clear voice, drawing comparisons with some of the most soulful voices of our time. On each of her albums, Janet stays true to the qualities that make her albums unique, and while branching out musically and exploring new sounds from time to time, the essential elements remain the same.

"Forever is the Love" is Janet's 12th recording. Once again, she has delivered a top shelf product, working with some of the best in the industry. Troy Engle, Jamie Graves, Serge Bernard, and Meaghan Blanchard, dear friends Heather Berry and her husband Tony Mabe appear on the old Carter Family song "Sea of Galilee". In addition to a couple of originals - one from the pen of Louisa Branscomb , and one from J.P. Cormier, this cd includes a number of favorites by some of her favorite singer/songwriters, Dolly Parton, Hazel Dickens, Melba Montgomery.

This cd offers a great mix of country and bluegrass, and indeed a true treasure to have in your collection.
One might say that Janet has come full circle. In many ways, she's travelled far distances while staying close to home. She enjoys singing to audiences great and small, young and old, as much today as in those early days, and most of all, enjoys the people she meets along the way. Her love of singing has been a gift she continues to share with those around her. Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself after a show or concert - she'd love to meet you!

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* DAUGHTER OF BLUEGRASS - 2009 to present


* Gospel Performance of the Year - 2017
Female Vocalist of the Year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
* Master Female Vocalist - 2007


* Bluegrass Artist of the Year 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008


* Country/Bluegrass Artist of the Year 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
* Bluegrass Recording of the Year 2003
* SOCAN Songwriter of the Year 2003 w/ Serge Bernard "Looking Toward Sunrise"
* Song of the Year 2003 w/ Serge Bernard "Looking Toward Sunrise"
* Female Vocalist of the Year 2004


Forever is the Love - 2017
Beneath a Painted Sky - 2014
Wildwood Rose - 2012
* The Next Train - 2009
* Just Passing Thru - 2008
* Love & Learn - 2007
* My Dixie Darlin' - 2006
* He Will Bring You Home - 2005
* Christmas by the Fireside - 2004
* Looking Toward Sunrise - 2003
* Hills of Home - 2001
* My Heart is a Diamond - 2000


* Daughters of Bluegrass "Pickin' like a Girl" - 2013
* Daughters of Bluegrass "Bluegrass Bouquet" - 2009
* Bluegrass Bands & Helping Hands - 2009