Switchtrack Records is a nonexclusive promotions record company for the new millenium. We do not own any projects - the artist retains the ownership of their recorded project.

We feel that the world of music is fastly changing and recording artist are becoming more independent of the large controlling record companies. We harbor no hard feelings toward the large record companies, we just want to offer independent artist a label to be affilaited in marketing their projects.

Artist who are interested in promoting their music with Swith Track Records should submit their recorded project to us through the mail. We will reveiw the project and if we feel it fits our brand, we will contact the artist and discuss promotion packages.

Switch Track Records is primarily a bluegrass record promotions company but we will take considerations of other music genres.

Recording projects may be submitted to: Switch Track Records | PO Box 293 | College Grove, TN 37047

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