July 09, 2009
Al Shusterman
KCBL/Backroads Bluegrass, Sacramento CA
Review: "Hillbilly Bailout/The Recession Tapes"

"I am going to charge you for a new cd player. This project was "so hot" that when i turned my cd player on and the music started,smoke came out and completely disentegrated my player.

If you enjoy listening to authentic bluegrass music, then look no farther. This project definitely feeds our traditional roots. The singing and the instumental work is first class, and the song selection is superb. It has all the songs I would love to hear all on one project. No matter what your mood, just hearing this cd just takes your worries away and moves you into a special place. My listeners loved everything about this project. I played the entire cd and my request line was ringing off the wall. I know I will be playing many of these songs again and again. I hope I don't wear this cd out.
thank you for sharing your fine project with us.

Al Shusterman

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