~ April 3, 2007 ~

* Happy Birthday Don Seger

Have any news about members of the USS Idaho Crew?

If you have any news or information that you would like to have posted here, please send an Email.

* News from Don Seger - (04.03.07)

Today was a great day! Thanks to Lew Davidson's wife, Sal finding the Don's phone number and calling us, I was able to contact the Seger's today by phone. Many of us have been real concerned that we haven't received the wonderful and uplifting, inspriational Email messages that Don has been so diligent in sending out over the years. The fact is, Don has lost most of his eyesight and is unable to use his computer like he used to. Thanks to Lew Davidson's wife, Sal finding the Don's phone number and calling us, I was able to contact the Seger's by phone.

Don & Betty are amazing people and despite all of the health issues the have the past few years, both have a positive and healthy outlook on life. Don lives his "praise God in all things" beliefs and is still 40 years old at heart.

He and Betty have lived a long and wonderful life together and on April 11th, Don will turn 86. We want to wish Don a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and to Don and Betty, many more wonderful years ahead.

If you wish to send Don & Betty a card or letter, their address is:

Don & Betty Seger
1668 W. Glen Dale Ave.
Apt. 2155

Phoenix, AZ 85021

Photo of Don Seger taken by Mack L. Roye

Don remembers: "When I saw that photo on the website, I remembered that day well. Your father called out to me: 'Hey Pops! Look here and look like a sailor'."

Happy Birthday
Don 'Pops' Seger

April 11th

* New Photos added (11.02.06)- Time is something that goes by too fast and we never have enough of. For me, it has been finding time to make some updates to this website. This week a fire was put on my seat in the way of 80 photos that were sent to me by Steve Franklin. I have received more and more inquiries for information regarding USS Idaho crew members from the BB24 and pre-WWII eras. When I saw these photos, I just about tripped all over myself trying to get to my computer to start working on them. Thank you Steve Fraklin for your kind gesture in sending those to me.

* USS Idaho Crew List
- Wow! It floors me how I keep getting email messages to add another name to the Crew List of the USS Idaho. Days will go by with no one to add to the list and then I will receive sometimes 2 to 3 in one day. The one thing that nearly every message I receive has in common is the referral of how proud the crew member was to have served on the Idaho. I am always excited to add another name to the list.

* Mail Call - The "Mail Call" feature to this site is still in the works. I think this will be a good addition to the contents of the site to post a few 'touching' messages that I have recieved over the past few years. There are a lot of them that I am still going through ... I am hopeful to have these on here soon.

* Don Seger - I still have not heard any word about Don ... if anyone knows how he and Betty are doing, please send me an email - daveroye@hotmail.com

* Words of thanks (10.09.06)- I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the contents of this website with photos, documents, comments, and entries in the USS Idaho Guestbook *. I receive about 4-6 email messages a month from the friends and family members inquiring about or providing information regarding the USS Idaho crew members. On special occasion, I get an email directly from one of the crew members and always feel honored and deligighted.

* (Sadly the Guestbook service we were using went out of business ... can read entries from 2004 to 2005 by CLICKING HERE!)

I will be adding the some of the emails that I have received in past months in a new section of the website called "MAIL CALL". I have been going back through the messages and I think many will enjoy reading them. One thing that has is common throughout the correspondances I have had with them all is the crew of the USS Idaho are a special breed of men who were and still are sincerely proud to have served their country on the USS Idaho.

* USS Idaho BB-24 (10.09.06) - More and more the emails that I receive in regard to the crew of the USS Idaho are inquiries from those who served on the USS Idaho before WWII on the USS Idaho BB24 and pre-war BB42. Most are wanting to find information of their grandfathers or relatives who have little or no knowledge of their relatives.

There is by far more photos and information of the WWII BB-42 than the previous BB-24 Idaho. If you have any photos or information regarding this era of crew or ship, please contact me at daveroye@hotmail.com.

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