~ November 08, 2013 ~

Many thanks to Stan Smith for sharing in this publication "As Long As I Live, I Cannot Forget" by Joseph L. Levicki that was sent to Stan's father years ago. It's is a wonderful perspective view of life on the USS Idaho.


~ A Note From Stan Smith ~

After my Dads passing (Al Smith 1998) I was fortunate to find the publication by Joseph Levicki in all the "stuff" we went through. There was no better place than to send it to you and all the followers of the "Big Spud" BB 42.

My Dad was in his glory when he attended the Idaho Reunions (he missed that last one in Hawaii). Strangely enough, I just saw a WW2 documentry of a Destoyer (don't remember name) that was in the south Pacific (hit by a Kamakaze) same time/area as the USS Idaho, and the reunion they had attended mostly by surviving relatives, widows, sons and daughters. Maybe do one for the BB-42??? ... I'm in!! - Stan Smith

Hi Dave,

Great job getting that book on the web!! Joe actually made it to my Dads funeral service back in 1998! Joe worked at Anhueser Busch with my dad if I recall. He was a great guy. Would love to meet you some day!! Maybe a reunion. That neat documentary about that Destroyer was very interesting. It was on Direct TV two nights ago. I'll try to see if I can find it. Same part of the South Pacific fleet where the USS Idaho was stationed! How about a Reunion in Long Beach where the USS Iowa is docked?

Enclosed is a pic of Al, barely 17 when he joined the Navy, after earlier years at CC Camp and my grandmother has to authorize recruitment for being under age. The other pic is me, I actually was able to wear his tailored bellbottoms!
Take care!


Albert Smith

Stan Smith

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