~ December 16, 2013 ~

* USS Idaho Crewmember Passing - Ralph Francis Majerus
* USS Idaho Crewmember Passing - Eugene J. O'Neill, RDM-2c
* Dave gets a special Christmas present
* Mail Call from families of the USS Idaho Crew


Got my first Christmas present from Billie Sue Parker in Fritch, Texas. She went to an estate sale in California which happened to be the estate of David & Margaret Graham (founding members of the American Battleship Association and the USS Idaho Association) and purchased a painting of the USS Idaho which had been signed by the crew members and family of the USS Idaho at a 1987 USS Idaho reunion in Hawaii as well as a signed photo of E.H. Farrell that was given to Chairman David C Graham. One of the ministers (Jeremy Winters) at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano happened to be visiting Mrs. Parker on Thanksgiving when Billie Sue contacted me and volunteered to deliver to me. Many thanks to Billie Sue & Jeremy for being so kind to give to me. Will one day be donated to the Nimitz Battleship Museum in Fredricksburg, Tx in honor of those who served on the USS Idaho.

~ Wish you all a Safe and Merry Christmas ~

McKnight - U.S.S. Idaho - Carpenter Shop - Unknown group of men

(Many thanks to Cindy Cole for sending in this great photo!)



Re: Ralph Francis Majerus Passing

Ralph Francis Majerus passed away today (10/17/2013) at the age of 91. I will get back to you with a picture and rank and all that soon as I will be traveling home for the funeral next week. He was so proud of serving and especially on USS Idaho. He would reminisce about the Navy days consistently. He is leaving behind a wife (Elaine) of 66 years and many kids and grand kids. Funeral will be in Fargo, North Dakota October 23rd.


Cody Majerus

08.07.13 - USS Idaho Crewmember Passing - Eugene J. O'Neill, RDM-2c

RDM-2C Eugene J. & Dorothy O'Neill, Wedding Photo 1944, Long Beach, CA

RDM-2C Eugene J.

RDM-2C Eugene J. & Dorothy O'Neill, Wedding Photo 1944, Long Beach, CA

USS Idaho Thanksgiving Dinner Menu - 1945

Invitation to USS Idaho Ship Party - Dec. 04, 1945


Hi Dave,

My brother sent me a copy of an email he sent you regarding the passing of my dad, RDM-2C Eugene J. O'Neill, USN, BB-42.

My father was born on May 28, 1920 and passed away on July 10, 2013. His Home of Record at the time of his enlistment was Jackson Heights/Queens, New York. I believe he enlisted in the Navy Reserve in Sep 1941. He lived in Wantagh Long Island for 60 + years and worked as a salesman for several trucking companies in the metropolitan NY, NJ area. He often spoke of the high regard he had for his shipmates and the hardships they endured. His family was proud of his service to our nation.

I have attached two pictures of him taken during his service in the USN and a copy of my parents wedding picture. They were married in 1944 when the Idaho was in port at Long Beach.

Any of his shipmates who would remember him would have known him as he looked in these pictures. After the war he lost contact with them until the late 1990's when he started attending the reunions.

The Thanksgiving Day Program and Ships Party Invitation I found on ebay. William White (an Idaho crewman) name is on the back. They were in an envelope addressed to David Graham, another member of the crew, the USS Idaho Association and American Battleship Association.

I was not familiar with your website, however after looking at it I salute you. Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work to honor the service and sacrifices of our fathers. I would be pleased if you could publish his pictures on the Idaho website.

Again, thank you for all that you have done. I hope that someday I may have the pleasure of meeting you.

Yours Truly,

Barry G. O'Neill, Master Sgt, USAF, Retired


Good Afternoon.

Just wanted to let you know that my father who served on the UUS Idaho from 1941-45 just passed away. His name was Eugene J. O’Neill and was a RDM-2C. I still have most of his pictures and news articles along with his bayonet, sea bag and uniform. I also have the USS Idaho book that was published I guess during the war. I wonder at this point how many crewmembers are alive today. I would guess less than 50. Anyway. Have a nice day.

Brian O’Neill


"Webster's Practical Illustrated Dictionary with Atlas of the World, including A Digest of Military and Naval Facts."


Dear Sir,

While going through some items that had belonged to an uncle, I found a book. It is titled, "Webster's Practical Illustrated Dictionary with Atlas of the World, including A Digest of Military and Naval Facts."

I am writing you because there is an inscription on the inside reading, "This book belongs to Freddy Miller, Seaman 1/C, USS Idaho. You can use it but don't keep it."

The copywright date is 1943, so it appears that Seaman Miller served onboard the USS Idaho during WWII or later, although I did not see his name on the website's crew list.

I would like the opportunity to mail it to Seaman Miller or his surviving family members, if that is possible. If they can't be identified, I will probably donate it to the Naval Museum at NAS Pensacola. I live near there and make regular visits to the museum.

If you know of a way to locate Seaman Miller, I would appreciate it. I know it's a very common name, but felt it was worth the effort. I am attaching two images to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Thank you for your time.

Craig Sawyer

Any knowledge of Freddie Miller, S1c USS Idaho and/or his relatives
can contact Craig Sawyer at sawyer124@hotmail.com

Note from Dave:

Coming Soon in 2014! I received 2 photo albums that were donated to the USS Navy Museum in Norfolk, Va. and from 95-yr old USS Idaho crew member, Ryle Johnson. It will take awhile to scan and edit the photos, but I assure you, the photos are great.

I want to thank all of those who have contributed to contents of this website. I still receive about 10 or more emails a month from family and friends of the USS Idaho crew - always makes my day to hear from you.

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