USS Idaho "A" Division - 1935
(Courtesy of David Willingham, son of Willis W. Willingham)

Good Morning Dave!

I have found some more of dad's Idaho stuff. Seems from this "A" division picture taken in 1935, that I was wrong in reporting dad (Willis W. Willingham, 1935) as an "ENDC" when he was aboard the Idaho. Dad is the fifth sailor (L to R) on the back row. He must have been a fireman apprentice or some rate below a third class machinist mate at the time, but definitely not a "Chief" (ENDC). At any rate he retired as an ENC not an ENDC, so I was mistaken on both counts (Sorry).

These photos definitely place him on board in 1935, although I do not know the exact dates of his tour.

Anyway, perhaps someone will recognize a family member in this photo and send me an E-Mail!

THANK YOU in advance for correcting the record for me and I hope you can use these photos! I will send more if and when I find them.

David Willingham

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