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* Happy 87th Birthday to "Pops" Seger
* More Sent-in Photos
* A gift to a special lady from a special lady.
* Jan - June USS Idaho Association Newsletter from Margaret Graham

My Dad took this photo of Don Seger ... Don recalls, "I remember your father calling to me, 'Hey Pops, look like a sailor and smile!" - Dave Roye












Happy 87th Birthday to Don "Pops" Seger. Don is one of the influences of the founding of this website and one of the most uplifting personalities I know.

I just got off the phone with Don to wish him "Happy Birthday" and even after through all of the medical ordeals that he and his wife have gone through the past few years, his voice is like a song to me as he remembers so many details of days on the USS Idaho.

Don is still so in-love with his 'child bride', Betty.

He told me it was in Guam during during on of the last South Pacific war campaigns that he prayed to God, "Just get me out of this and lead me to a 'nice' girl" ... OK, thanks."

He told me how he met her 8 months after getting off the USS Idaho at a wedding reception, when it was his duty to pour water in the coffee pot and poured water all over himself when he first laid eyes on "the most beautiful thing I ever saw", as he quotes.

He said his heart about 'pitter-pattered itself right out of his chest! Don also let me know of a short book that is being published of the experiences he and Betty have gone through in most recent years and has promised to send to me to be able to share with the USS Idaho 'family'.

Happy Birthday, Don ... you and Betty are in our thoughts and prayers daily ...

Thank you for all you have done to get this website up and running.

~ Dave ~


My father was Lt. JG. Philip A. Jensen and he was on the USS Idaho, in the Navy. He told me stories of Okinawa, Guam and Iwo Jima. My father attended Annapolis before he was on the ship.

He passed away June 11, 1994 and is buried in the Golden Gate National Military cemetery in San Bruno, Ca near San Francisco.

Kristine Olding
Folsom, CA

Photos of E.R. Prevett

Photos from John Simerka

* A gift to a special lady from a special lady.





(Note: I apologize to Martha Eckhart for being so late to get this posted. I was in hopes of getting a photo of Sal Davidson with the pillow case, but have not been able to. Thank you, Martha for your kindness ... Sal thanks you as well. I agree with you, your mother is a very beautiful lady.)

January - June 2008 Newsletter from Mrs. Dave (Margaret) Graham


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